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Hi! I’m Annie. Welcome to the MOSRCanada website and newsletter featuring everything great about Market, opinion, and social research in Canada! If you’re into big data, neuroscience, customer insights, eye-tracking, VR, AI, shopper marketing, or anything else consumer/company research related, this is your source for Canadian news!

Salut! Je suis Annie. Bienvenue sur le site Web et le bulletin d’information de MOSRCanada, présentant tout ce qui est formidable pour la recherche au Canada!

I’ve been a long-time supporter of Canadian research with my volunteer work, so why stop now!

• ISO Market, Social, and Opinion Research TC225: Canadian Chair for the development of industry standards (2014 to current)

• Editor In Chief of Vue Magazine (July 2012 – July 2015), member of Canadian Research Neutrals, participated in standards adjudication and sanction proceedings, spoke at Canadian Senate (,

• Plus volunteer work with MRA, CASRO, ESOMAR, AAPOR and more.

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