This report reflects the work of the Marketing Research and Intelligence Association (MRIA) which went bankrupt in 2018.
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Submission to the House of Commons Standing Committee on Industry, Natural Resources, Science and Technology Statutory review of An Act to promote the efficiency and adaptability of the Canadian economy by regulating certain activities that discourage reliance on electronic means of carrying out commercial activities, and to amend the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission Act, the Competition Act, the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act and the Telecommunications Act – more commonly known as the “Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation” (CASL).

Submitted November 1, 2017
Dr. Kara Mitchelmore, DBA, BA(Soc), FCPA, FCMA, CMRP
Chief Executive Officer

Introduction: The Marketing Research and Intelligence Association (MRIA) is pleased to submit this Brief to the House of Commons Standing Committee on Industry, Natural Resources, Science and Technology, outlining our industry’s position on the Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation (hereafter, CASL).

MRIA is the national self-regulatory body representing all sectors of the market and survey research industry. Our members include over 1,200 individual professionals and over 150 corporate members, comprised of small to large research agencies, and many buyers of research services, such as financial institutions, major retailers, insurance companies, telecommunications firms, and manufacturers.

Corporate and government decision-makers rely on accurate and reliable research data to make the rightdecisions. One of the pillars of MRIA is to protect the good relationship, based on trust and goodwill, that exists between survey researchers and the general public. This requires that members adhere to a robust industry-led regulatory regime and internationally-acclaimed standards. There are two key characteristics that define market and survey research and differentiate our work from that of other industries, such as marketing, sales and fundraising:

i)legitimate survey researchers never attempt to sell anything; in fact, solicitation violates the industry’s rigorous Code of Conduct and Ethical Practices; and

ii)research serves a valuable societal purpose by giving Canadians an opportunity to voice their opinions and to have influence on important issues related to policy, products and services.