Note: The MRII board of directors includes Canadians Chuck Chakrapani, Ph.D., Leger Marketing; Barry G. Watson, Ph.D., Environics Research Group Ltd; and David Scowcroft of Ipsos Healthcare. View the entire list of MRII board members here

Fortunately, a small group of CEOs of the major Canadian research companies has formed and issued a statement to create a new organization “to act as the standard-bearer for quality research, industry standards and certification process.” They are a very capable group of industry leaders with the expertise and resources to do the job, as well as the proven dedication to quality research. In fact, two of these leaders are active on our board: Barry Watson, president and CEO of Environics Research, and Chuck Chakrapani, president of Leger Analytics. Thanks to these connections, and others, we can confidently pledge to work with the new Canadian organization as plans unfold. Our mission is to serve researchers worldwide, and we will continue to promote research education and, eventually once again, paths to certification in Canada and beyond.