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As an increasing number of countries around the world implement their own data protection laws, it is becoming increasingly difficult to navigate the complexities of data compliance. That’s why through ESOMAR corporate membership we created the ESOMAR Plus package, offering this tailored benefits package to help our corporate members make sense of what is required by these laws.

Under the GDPR and similar data protection laws, companies are required to be accountable and demonstrate, at a moment’s notice, what data they are collecting, why they are collecting it, how the data is being protected, and who the data is being shared with. At ESOMAR Plus we’re here to support you to improve, and build upon, your compliance programme, using the resources currently at your disposal.

Our in-house team of certified experts have been involved with monitoring and advocating for data protection laws and their implications on our profession from their inception. We therefore offer a unique set of skills and expertise on a global scale, tailored to your specific market research and insights needs, which combines both a real understanding of what the law requires, and how this fits into the intricacies of the insights community.

The philosophy

There is no one-size-fits-all approach or solution to data privacy and compliance, particularly in our industry, so ESOMAR Plus is designed to be flexible, tailored, and available on demand so you can get the tools and resources you need, when you need them, reflecting specifically the requirements and nuances data, research and insights demand, unlike any other consultancy service of the sort.

ESOMAR Plus Membership package

The ESOMAR Plus consultancy package is available through ESOMAR Corporate membership which offers an array of professional and business benefits, including but not limited to:

Gain respect within the industry by undersigning the industry standard – ICC/ESOMAR Code – promoting your high standards to ethical work.

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