The Canadian Research and Insights Council (CRIC) and ESOMAR recently joined forces to provide a research industry association resource for the Canadian research community following the unexpected demise of the MRIA. While CRIC is a trade association with a primary focus on standards and advocacy, its members remain deeply concerned about the needs of individual researchers in a post MRIA world.

To meet those needs CRIC has negotiated a special preferential membership fee with ESOMAR. As an additional inducement to join, ESOMAR is offering all former MRIA members a free 30-day trial membership. During the trial period you will experience the unique benefits and resources that ESOMAR offers including access to over 70+ years of conference papers, video presentations, ethical and professional guidelines and standards, along with a variety of other relevant and useful content. You also will be given a My ESOMAR account with access to the networking tools to contact and engage with others in the industry’s only truly global insights community.

To access your 30-day trial membership go to and complete a sign-up form on the site before April 30, 2019. At any point during the trial period you may choose to join ESOMAR at the preferential rate. The trial will terminate automatically 30 days after you register.

Should you have questions or problems you can contact ESOMAR’s membership team either at or

These are challenging times for market research as new methods and data sources continue to emerge, concerns about privacy and data protection escalate, and the clients we serve are increasingly global. An ESOMAR membership will put you at the center of what is happening, making you a better informed and effective insight professional. CRIC and ESOMAR encourage you to take advantage of this one-time opportunity to experience first- hand the benefits and advantages that come with and support ESOMAR membership. We hope it convinces you to join our global community and ensure that Canadian researchers continue to play their important role in the evolution of our profession and industry.