Vividata’s 2019 Spring Study finds 9 out of 10 Canadians read magazine or news brands weekly, and Canadians are increasingly adopting the convenience of smart devices and ridesharing apps

Toronto, ON – Vividata, ( Canada’s leading cross-media and consumer behaviour research firm, today released their latest findings.  Surveying 43,266 Canadians (aged 14+) from January 2018 through to December 2018, Vividata’s Survey of the Canadian Consumer is the most comprehensive cross-media research study in Canada.

A sample of highlights from the Vividata 2019 Spring Study include:


Smart Devices:

• 83% of Canadians have some form of smart device within their home.

• Household ownership of voice activated smart speakers has reached 7.5% of households in Canada, up from 6.8% since the last quarter.

• The top 3 voice commands used by owners of voice activated speakers are to:

i. Obtain weather updates (57%)

ii. Stream music (51%)

iii. Set a timer or alarm (42%)


• Nearly 2 million Canadians have booked a ride with Uber in the past month, while just over 320,000 have done the same with Lyft.

• Greatest likelihood of using rideshare apps (i.e Uber or Lyft) is among those aged 25-49.

• The top reason for booking a trip with either rideshare service is for ‘going out’ or leisure.


Content Publishers:

• 74% of Canadian adults read newspaper brand content in the past week, with over half accessing content via a mobile device.

• 8 out of 10 read a magazine brand in the past month, with food, entertainment, and health magazine brands as the most popular among Canadians.

• 6 out of 10 read a community newspaper brand in the past month, with readership even stronger in smaller markets.


• 2 out of 3 Canadians have watched or streamed video online in the past month, with movies and television programs as their top content choices.

• 36% of Canadians have watched content through Netflix in the past week, while 4% have watched content through Crave.

Out of Home:

• Roadside billboards or digital screens are the most noticed out-of-home advertising platform, reaching 65% of Canadian adults each week; followed by ads appearing inside or outside retail stores at 49%.

• 1 out of 4 Canadian adults have noticed an out-of-home ad in an elevator in the past week, and nearly 1 million adults have seen an ad on a digital screen in an elevator where they work.

About Vividata:

Vividata is Canada’s authoritative source for insights on multi-media and consumer behaviour. It is the leading provider of cross platform audience measurement for publishers. A tripartite, not-for-profit organization, Vividata is governed by a board of directors representing the interests of Canadian publishers, agencies and advertisers.

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Tosha Kirk
Vice President, Client Services | Vividata