From GRBN:

Together with our partners, GRBN is on a global mission to increase participation rates and data quality by improving the experience people get when they participate in research. Research is not only a touch-point for the data collector, but also for the companies commissioning the research. It is an opportunity to build or damage brand equity with both existing and potential customers, and everyone has the responsibility to take that seriously.

Over the last 12 months, we have worked with more than 35 partner companies on the participant engagement initiative, conducting research-on-research, analyzing metrics and listening to expert opinion.

Together with our partners we have created ENGAGE, a handbook full of practical advice to help you create great user experiences. ENGAGE contains 10 golden tips that we believe everyone should follow to increase participant engagement, and contains a wealth of tips specific to online communities, online surveys, passive metering, and qualitative research.

It does not matter whether you work for an end client, an agency, a data collector, or a technology company, if your future depends on people’s willingness to participate in research, then this handbook is for you.

Download GRBN’s handbook here.