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We live in a world with unprecedented connectivity among humans.  More people from different demographic and cultural background are connecting together, and at the same time, more people are being exposed to multiple cultures other than their own. Individuals are defining and redefining who they are not merely based on demographics they were born with, but rather they defer to values, life styles, sentiments, political, social, and economic attitudes among others, to make meaning of who they are and how their interactions in the world. This reality of consumer power requires brands from all sizes to invest in understanding their consumers better and deeper than ever before.

The webinar will illustrate how Automation and Machine Learning can be deployed simultaneously for deeper understanding of todays’ consumers in terms of how they relate to brands, how they consume them, and why. More specifically, the webinar will discuss the following:

  1. The power of automation in uncovering consumer insights
  2. The power of Unsupervised Learning in uncovering consumer personas
  3. The power of utilizing both techniques as complementary of each other rather than replacement of one another

Learner Outcomes: By the end of this learning session, participants will be able to:

  • Demystify the language and usage of Artificial Intelligence/ Machine Learning
  • Demonstrate practical applications of its usage in consumer understanding
  • Demonstrate how AI/Machine Learning can complement the usage of traditional statistical methods