Balmoral Multicultural Marketing creates fully-integrated engagement campaign with ongoing interactivity for BMW Canada on China’s ever-growing super app

Six months of research, stakeholder interviews and data analysis led BMW Canada to become one of the first Canadian luxury automotive brands to establish a permanent presence on WeChat, China’s leading “super app.”

“The Chinese-Canadian community is very important to us, and we wanted to cultivate deeper connections with them,” said Sebastian Beuchel, director, BMW brand management. “While we’ve seen several Canadian brands create strategic partnerships and campaigns on WeChat, working with Balmoral Multicultural Marketing, BMW Canada has developed a fully-integrated multicultural marketing campaign that includes traditional media such as radio, print, and television, as well as social media content marketing, influencer relations, contesting, social ad buys on WeChat and Facebook, and targeted digital advertising.”

BMW Canada’s new WeChat account includes weekly newsletter content, “moments” ads, partnerships with prominent Chinese key opinion leaders, and cross-channel targeting leveraging Facebook.

“WeChat is such a staple in China today, used for everything from social interactions to ordering and paying for food to banking; it’s becoming harder and harder to function without it for our relatives back home,” explained Johnson Chang, vice-president, channel lead & digital at Balmoral Multicultural Marketing. “To effectively connect with both the new-to-Canada and established Chinese community here, we needed to create a permanent presence with engagement campaigns that speak to these customers where they are, in a way that they find valuable.”

Chang shared that initial BMW Canada testing on WeChat generated exceptionally high engagement rates and social sharing, and allowed the multicultural marketing agency to communicate with and engage the target audience to support national dealer sales in key target regions.

“It was a big step for us to create our own WeChat account and there wasn’t a lot of precedence for us to follow, since most other brands have previously forged partnerships with other organizations on WeChat,” said Beuchel. “But we see this as the future of marketing – in an increasingly smaller global village, we must be where our customers are, understanding cross-channel functions, cross-cultural communications and truly connecting on multiple dimensions.”

BMW Canada’s WeChat programming will run throughout the 2019 calendar year, focusing both on brand building and automotive sales across Canada, to a critically important Chinese market.