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Canadian Programs

IAB Canada

IAB logoGlobally, IAB is recognized as the gold standard in education for online advertising. In Canada IAB has proudly led the training of the digital media workforce for over a decade and, as the only association that is actively setting standards, policies and solutions to secure the supply chain globally, are best positioned to continue set the standards of education in the field moving forward.

Canadians have access to a full range of courses offered by numerous globally respected insitutions, many of which qualify for the Insights Association’s or MRS’s certification programs.

The Poynter Institute

Poynter has a free online course on polls and surveys in partnership with the American Association for Public Opinion Research (AAPOR), the World Association for Social, Opinion and Market Research (ESOMAR) and the World Association for Public Opinion Research (WAPOR).

Research Rockstar

Research Rockstar logo25+ training classes are offered in both online and on-site formats, and include options to earn Insights Association Certificates.

  • Market Research 101
  • Data Visualization 101
  • Secondary Research 101: Sources and Techniques
  • Excel for Market Research Data Analysis
  • Introduction to SPSS
  • SPSS 201
  • Intro to R for Survey Researchers: Hands-on
  • Quantitative Data Analysis for Survey Research
  • Introduction to Factor & Cluster Analysis
  • Conjoint, Discrete Choice & MaxDiff: An Introduction
  • Market Segmentation: Methodology Options & Project Planning
  • Questionnaire Design Success: A 10-Point Checklist
  • Questionnaire Design 201: Scale Selection
  • Open-ended Questions: Construction, Analysis and Reporting
  • Writing Quantitative Research Reports
  • Mobile & Online Qualitative Research Methods
  • Writing Qualitative Research Reports
  • Focus Group Project Management
  • Ethnographic Research for Customer Insights
  • Online Moderation: Theory & Practice
  • Conducting Research Interviews: 12 Tips for a Stress-free Process
  • Behavioral Economics for Market Researchers
  • Writing for Impact: A Bootcamp for Market Researchers
  • Client Management Skills for Market Researchers
  • Improving Customer Satisfaction: Monitoring Methods that Deliver Insights
  • Social Media Research & Sentiment Analysis
  • Infographics for Market Researchers: Hands-On

MRII | Market Research Institute International

Online Continuing Education Programs for the Market Research Profession. Graduates receive automatic examination exemption for the Insight Association’s Professional Researcher Certification.

    • Sampling in Market Research will teach you how to select the best sample for your research project. You’ll understand how well the sample covers your target population and how any potential sample biases may impact your results.
    • Qualitative Market Research teaches you how to find the “why” behind various respondent behaviors, perceptions and motivations. Qualitative research effectively surfaces ideas and hypotheses.
    • Quantitative Data Collection Methods course will teach you how to choose the most appropriate data collection method given your audience, the topic area of your research, and the methodology you plan to use.
    • Working with Secondary Data: Syndicated and Big Data introduces the many secondary data sources available to you. You will learn about the value and challenges you might encounter when linking primary and secondary data, and gain insights into the “big data” world in which businesses now operate
    • Introduction to Data Analysis introduces you to the critical concepts common to the analysis of quantitative research data, with special attention to survey data analysis.
    • Advanced Analytic Techniques serves as a primer for some of the more advanced statistical methods you may encounter as a researcher, with greater attention to techniques which are frequently used with secondary data. Topics include: conjoint analysis, multiple regression, cluster analysis for segmentation, linear regression, perceptual mapping and factor analysis.
    • Communicating Research Results shows you how to turn market research findings into actionable recommendations. Learn how to translate your findings from market research studies of all kinds into reports and presentations that grab your audience’s attention, address the business decision your client needs to make, and offer sound and useful recommendations.
    • Global Market Research reveals the complexities of managing a global market research project with multiple clients and stakeholders Without the ability to “localize” the tools of data collection and analysis, findings may be subject to misinterpretation.
    • Emerging Methods and the Future of Market Research describes rapidly evolving trends in the market research industry. The course reviews broad technological, cultural, and business trends — and the impact of these trends on how research is conducted and insights generated.

Marketing Research Society

Offers 70+ training courses to help research, insight and analytics professionals accelerate their learning and careers.

  • Business Skills
    • Advancing the Sales
    • Coaching Skills
    • Conversations with Clients
    • Health and Safety
    • Leadership Skills
    • Managing Within the Team
    • Managing High-Performing Teams
    • Managing Relationships
    • Managing Workload
    • Market Analysis
    • Negotiation Skills
    • Networking Skills
    • Problem Solving
    • Professionalism and Ethics
    • Project Management
    • Social Media for Professionals
    • Writing a Business Plan
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